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Founded in 2007 by Rob Watson, the "Father of LEED", ECON brings an unparalleled combination of green building expertise, innovation and key "cleantech" technology solutions to China, India and the United States.

ECON helps clients to deliver cost-effective high performance green buildings and smart growth communities through systems integration that covers the building cycle from project design to facility operations and management.

Contrary to conventional thinking, integrated "cleantech" strategies across building systems deliver superior environmental and economic performance and capture savings for costs comparable to standard construction.

If all commercial construction in the U.S. were built as energy efficiently as the LEED platinum NRDC Robert Redford Building -- less than 2.5 kWh/sq foot -- the U.S. could avoid building 2 large electric power plants each year.

In the next 20 years, floor space equivalent to the world's current building stock will be constructed, 70% of this in China and India. This boom will strain energy, water and material resources and cause costs to soar worldwide.